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Welcome to the SwiftOtter Prep Course for the Adobe Commerce Professional Developer certification AD0-E717. We sincerely hope you find this guide helpful. This is designed as a companion for the Professional Developer study guide.

The differences between the study guide and this project guide are:

  • The study guide covers every topic on the test, in-depth.
  • This guide walks you through creating a project.
  • The examples in the study guide are not related, but focused on the specific discussion for each topic.
  • The example in this guide is one cohesive unit, but doesn’t have as much in-depth information for each subject.

It's advisable to use the two in tandem.

This study project covers, roughly, over 70% of the knowledge required to pass the test. There are a few areas that are not covered at this moment:

  • Section 1: Working with Admin
    • Identify the components to use when creating or modifying the admin grid/form: We will briefly look at modifying an existing grid.
  • Section 2: Architecture
    • Describe index functionality
    • Describe URL rewrites
    • Describe the Magento caching system
  • Section 3: EAV/Database
    • Describe different types of attributes
  • Section 4: Layout/UI
    • Describe usage of CMS pages and blocks: We will make use of a CMS block but will not work with pages.
    • Describe front-end usage of customer data
  • Section 5: Checkout and Sales
    • Most of the topics in this section are relevant to configuring Magento rather than custom development. We will make modifications to the checkout but will not cover the specifics of configuration.
  • Section 6: Catalog
    • Most of the topics in this section are relevant to configuring Magento rather than custom development. We will briefly discuss working with products and certain product types but will not cover price rules, category management, etc.

How should I use this course?

A couple of ways not to use this training course are:

  • Write each code snippet exactly as shown in the videos, and no more.
  • Review the provided example code and then go take the test.

These strategies won't give you the depth of knowledge you need to pass the certification exam.

Broadly speaking, here's the plan we intend you to follow to have the best chance of success:

  1. Read through the accompanying study guide, start to finish.
  2. Set up a development environment and follow the instructions for cloning and preparing the provided source code.
  3. Work through each chapter of this guide, reviewing both written and video content.
  4. For each exercise, read through the written content and, if you feel like you've followed it, take a crack at coding the requirements yourself.
  5. Watch the video for a more in-depth walk-through. If you want to truly challenge yourself, wait until the end to try duplicating the methodology you saw.
  6. Compare your work against the provided example code.
  7. Use the areas we touch on during the course as jumping off points to explore more of Magento's code, and set yourself a few goals for further enhancements to the course project.

Depending on your learning style, you may find it helpful to go through the training course first and then review the study guide.

If you have suggestions or critiques, we are all ears. We want this to be an excellent and valuable resource for years to come. Please contact us with your comments.

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