Overall Klevu Merchant Center configuration

Klevu configuration

There are quite a few options available in the Klevu control panel. These sections serve as our recommendation for a starting point. Feel free to tweak and customize.

The Klevu configuration adjusts the rendering and interaction of search results.

Enabling Personalization

By default, your Klevu account has most personalization disabled. Go to the Personalization tab (lower-left corner) and enable Personalization for Search and Category pages.

You may want to consult your legal team to ensure no changes to your Privacy Policy are necessary.

Including Ratings / Reviews

If you wish to include review stars in search results, navigate to "Store info" in the lower-left corner of the Klevu Merchant Center. Click on the Ratings tab.

If you haven't many product reviews, uncheck the boxes in Smart Search. Otherwise, make sure these are checked. If you have many reviews on average (great work!), select the "rating count" checkbox.

I recommend selecting the checkbox to include "Ratings in Self Learning". This means that products that customers like are boosted in search results.



You have a couple of options for configuring the autocomplete menu. Klevu is significantly ahead of other offerings thanks to this option. Autocomplete tends to replace regular search functionality, so I'd recommend a slightly more extensive menu: the "Instant faceted search layout".

Your developers can change almost anything about how this looks or behaves in the code.

Klevu auto-complete options

Trending products

Once the user clicks on the search bar, before they type anything, you can preempt their intent by providing trending products in the autocomplete. Again, this is not something I've seen anywhere else. I highly recommend enabling this functionality.


No search results

I'm surprised that other platforms overlook this critical feature. When someone's search result is nothing, do you greet them with a blank page? Perhaps you can show your visitors something like the irreverent and highly comical 404 page on Snake River Farms: img.png

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